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Northern Europe & British lsles
Trace the Outer Boundaries of the Continent
Silversea's Northern Europe cruises offer a rich diversity of enriching experiences from visiting the royal capitals of Northern Europe to discovering places where few travellers have ever set foot. Sail along the coast of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Visit Monet's garden at Giverny and the glorious abbey of Mont-St Michel. Many Silversea Baltic cruises feature three full days to explore the tsarist treasures of St. Petersburg - glorious palaces, onion-domed cathedrals and the Hermitage Museum, with perhaps a day trip to Moscow.

This is a region of artistic masters from Rembrandt and Van Gogh to Mother Nature and her breathtaking canvases - magnificent Norwegian fjordlands, remote and wild Northern Scotland archipelagos, and the fire and brimstone spectacles of Iceland. With Silversea's Northern Europe cruises and Baltic cruises, you can discover a Europe as richly varied as your interests.

2824 - London to London
From $11,500.00 (USD)

Destination: Europe
Ship: Silver Wind

5823 - Copenhagen to Stockholm
From $4,300.00 (USD)

Destination: Scandinavia/Russia
Ship: Silver Spirit

2826 - London to Stockholm
From $9,400.00 (USD)

Destination: Europe
Ship: Silver Wind

2829 - London to Reykjavik
From $6,700.00 (USD)

Destination: Scandinavia/Russia
Ship: Silver Wind

5813 - Lisbon to London
From $7,000.00 (USD)

Destination: Europe
Ship: Silver Spirit
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